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Stack and Whack? There's a Class for that!

I've recently been re-introduced to the marvelous technique of Stack and Whack quilts, and I must say, I'm smitten.  There's something magical about how these quilts start out as large scale (mostly floral) prints, and end up as fantastically different blocks, which when put together, create something entirely unexpected!

Pictured above is our class sample, made by Barbara Miller, who teaches the class here at the shop.  I love how she used the original fabric as squares in her irish chain layout, so we can see what it was like before the stacking an whacking!  Barb has taught this class a time or two, and I just love watching her student's quilts become kaleidoscopic heirlooms right before our eyes. 

I've had a few favorites, and one of those happens to be under my longarm machine needle this week:


This Stack and Whack quilt was made by Brenda Radzinski.  She decided to use the featured fabric in her borders...isn't it LOVELY?  You can faintly see the quilting design, which we call "overall floral garden". 

Continuing on with the floral theme, I added small scale petals to fill in the background around the blocks.  I also decided to leave the chains unquilted.  I adore the fact that she chose black fabric for her really makes those beautiful colors pop!

Here's a photo of the (almost) finished product!  Check out those stars!!

photo of a colorful quilt with a black background and turquoise diagonal chains, taken on a village street with a brilliant blue sky

If you're interested in learning how to make your own Stack and Whack quilt, why not sign up for the class?  It's scheduled for Wednesday, July 13th 10am-3pm, stop in the shop or register on the website.

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